Moon Rise Sunset -
Mount Mansfield

The snow-capped mountain glows reflecting a gorgeous sunset to the West. Meanwhile the moon rises above in the East. One never gets tired of the sights and sounds of the natural landscapes found in Vermont.  Mount Mansfield as seen from our back porch. The trail head to the summit is only 20 minutes drive away.  Jericho VT. February 2022

Speaking Engagements -
Tri-City Covenant Church

A truly amazing church, the Tri-City Covenant fellowship had their annual Missions Conference, a multi-day celebration of world-missions. I and others were asked to represent Wycliffe Bible Translators at this weekend event. They have a very different order of service on Sundays, which I found quite refreshing, and above the sanctuary area is the church orchestra with musicians of ALL ages participating, regardless of skill level. They sounded excellent to my ears. The Tri-City Christian Academy, preparing young minds for college, is right next door. Latin studies, anyone? <grin>  Somerworth, NH.  February 2022

Winter Delights -
Fresh Snow on Wreaths

Our Christmas wreath with lights hung around long enough for a blanket of fresh snow. Having lived near the equator for so long, it's always fun to take in the new sights and sounds of the seasons, here in Vermont. Even on the highest mountains in Papua New Guinea there was never any snow accumulation. Time to shoosh down a mountain on this stuff.  Our house, Jericho VT.  January 2022

Church Dedications -
Blessing the Children

Friends and family members gather in the midst of the Pandemic, for a children's dedication service. The wonderful and youngest members that God has given to us are brought before the Lord in prayer, and also a promise is given by our community to watch for their care and spiritual nurturing for the future. By God's Grace He seems to have given us a wonderful youth ministry, which continually bears much fruit into adulthood. For example, one of our teen "graduates" is in Nepal, with YWAM.  Sunday JCC Church service, Jericho Center, VT.  January 2022

Churches Unite -
Vermont Right to Life

On an especially frigid but sunny day, various churches from around the state converged on the Montpelier Capitol Building for a very peaceful demonstration. In warmer weather, there are more speeches and often a guest speaker, where the (heated) Representatives Hall (House of Representatives) is available to use indoors by the public. However in this case, Covid-19 had closed off the building from everyone, legislators included. Vermont has one of the most liberal abortion rights laws in the country, far exceeding the "normal" restraints of say, the European Union at this time.  Capitol District, Montpelier, VT.  January 2022