Vermont Scenes 2023

A Windsurfing (Sailboarding) lunch at Braeloch Point, Malletts Bay, opposite Colchester, VT.

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Photos are licensed: CC-SA   Attrib: Brian Chapaitis

The Cross Victorious! -
Over a Long Lost Temple

While visiting Eretria, Greece, Helen and I explored many archaeological sites down near the Aegean sea coastline (left off photo). I was so proud of Helen when she bravely attempted an ascent of a 500 ft. hill, to a newly discovered site (2007) of the lost temple of Artemis (see Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece (ESAG) for more details). As we celebrated our personal victory and explored the temple that was in complete ruins - it seemed fitting, that we would find this large cross overlooking the village nearby. Christ endures and is alive today; Artemis is not. Near the village of Amarynthos on the island of Euboea in Greece.  March-April 2022


Animal Relief Area -
Burlington VT, Airport

While leaving Burlington VT, on the start of yet another International trip to Amsterdam, past the security check, and on the way to the airport gate area, one encounters provisions for our canine travelers!  I always get a kick out of this thoughtful provision, and say to myself: "Only in Vermont!" on this one. And I never see felines fly. Guess they get too "frazzled".  Our BTV Airport, South Burlington, VT.  May 2022


Heroes at Work -
A Time Honored Profession

I was bringing a bunch of scrap iron parts from my home to the local metal recycle place for disposal. That very day, I ran into our boys at the Williston Fire department in a practical training session with overturned car wrecks. The Williston town waste disposal unit had flipped cars, especially just for their visit. Here the firefighters on an emergency call will practice mounting an auto stabilizer arm first, before attempting to extract a victim from the possibly burning car. One man told me he was living his childhood dream job, as a real fireman.  CSWD Materials Recycling Facility, Williston VT.  May 2022


Acrocorinth -
Temple to Aphrodite

If you look carefully you will see the Temple of Aphrodite towering ~1880 feet over the small ancient city of Corinth. Famous for the descent of temple prostitutes who came to town looking for courtesans, and who were said to be dedicated to the service of the temple. This contributed to the attraction of visitors to the city of Corinth. The temple prostitution was made famous by the descriptions of historian/philosopher Strabo. From this we can see many of the challenges written about by the Apostle Paul to the fledgling house church at Corinth in the New Testament.  At ancient Corinth, Greece.  April 2022


Nea Makri -
Conquering the Mountain

At a medical conference, for days, longtime friend Charlie Schaeffer and I looked up from the coast at this 480 meter mountain, on the Aegean Sea. Despite being "old fossils" we headed out, and managed to find a base trail that quickly disappeared about halfway up and then we had to endure countless Greek thorn bushes with inch long needles (ouch!) and boulders to reach the summit on our own. But we made it! Victory! Lunch was grand and the views were spectacular of the many Greek towns below. Famous Marathon is to the north from this spot.  At Nea Makri, Greece.  April 2022


Guarded Flowers -
Natural Protection

Protected flowers nestle among ferocious thorns. As our trail ended on the ascent of the mountain (see last week), the terrain went to sharp rocks, boulders (which were nice) and endless Greek spiny spurge bushes (Wild Euphorbia Acanthothamnos) between the boulders (not nice). Lots of scrapes and cuts on this one, and you checked your clothes for tears all the time. Needless to say, it took about twice as long as normal to pick our way onward and upward. These are the very same type of thorns woven into a crown on the day of Jesus' Crucifixion on the cross.  At Nea Makri, Greece.  April 2022


Corinth -
The Old Canal

The Corinth Canal (Greek: Διώρυγα της Κορίνθου) is an artificial canal that connects the Gulf of Corinth in the Ionian Sea with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. It cuts through the narrow Isthmus of Corinth. The 81 ft. wide, 4 mile canal was dug through the Isthmus at sea level (1893) and has no locks. In the first century this would have been a Roman road for goods transport by cart, from sea to sea, and is the reason for ancient Corinth growing by commerce. We visited Corinth while Helen participated at the CMDE-22 conference, near Marathon.  Near modern Corinth, Greece.  April 2022


Easter -

Rejoice with us!  And sing a wonderful Easter song:


[B-H] Ancient Corinth -
Temple to Apollo

The temple of Apollo at Corinth was said to be built around 560 BC., of local oolithic limestone (small spheres called ooids that are stuck together by lime mud) north of Acrocorinth. The temple was an emblem for the Greek city of Corinth, reflecting its growth and prosperity. Today of the 42 monolithic columns, over 7 meters high, only 7 remain. Touring the ancient city we stood before the building ruins where Paul and the early church would have met together.  At ancient Corinth, Greece.  April 2022


Nordic Tracks -
Backyard Excursions

It's always fun to cross-country ski starting in your backyard. A perfect cure to conquer "cabin fever" which is a common problem with Vermont's longish Winters. But if you like to alpine ski, or snowshoe, or ice-fish, then Vermont is a bit of a paradise. The quietness in the woods is a great time to just spend alone with God. Then home for a good ol' hot chocolate.  Our backyard, Jericho VT.  March 2022

Greece -
Ancient Ruins

After a longish time for Helen working in Papua New Guinea, we met up for a holiday in beautiful Greece. We randomly chose a "get away" spot in a town called Eritrea. on Euboea island, facing the coast of Attica across the narrow South Euboean Gulf. It was an important Greek port in the 6th and 5th century BC, mentioned by many famous writers and actively involved in significant historical events. In the center of town are ancient ruins, and a nearby museum with many artifacts. We couldn't read the Greek and French placards, but Google translate could! How cool is that?  Evia or Euboea, the second largest Greek island.  March 2022


Fresh Seafood -
Greek Harvests

Helen and I drove south on our island getaway, and following a narrow coastal road, ran into a large ocean fish hatchery. The Greek seafood dishes in the local restaurants were wonderful, and there is quite an industry here in fresh fish and oysters. We also passed many fields with migrant workers pulling in a harvest, even though it was March.  Heading south, Evia island.  March 2022

Kandern -
At the Beach

There's a very interesting canal that runs straight through Kandern Town, and some enterprising persons managed to find some sand and make this very cool park and playground for the kids. Note the quaint houses with a sort of stucco exterior, and very different than the USA. I'm standing on a bridge spanning the canal in this shot.  Visiting my sister, Kandern, Germany.  March 2022

Rötteln Castle -
History Everywhere

Germany, like the rest of Europe is rich with ancient ruins from the past. Their history spans millennia, making America a mere youngster civilization. Sister Lisa and I hiked a forest from the north, and then arrived at this restored castle ruins on a high bluff overlooking a modern city to the south. Tours are available, but most people seemed to just want to relax with families in a park-like setting.  Visiting my sister, near Lörrach, Germany.  March 2022


Kandern Canal -

In Vermont, March is still in winter season with skiing, snowshoeing, and lots of snow on the ground. In Germany however, March is more Springlike with a warmer, temperate climate. Trees are starting to bud, and the winter snow melts from the nearby Black Forest (in the distance here) fill the streams with fresh new life.  Visiting my sister, near the canal, Kandern, Germany.  March 2022

Moon Rise Sunset -
Mount Mansfield

The snow-capped mountain glows reflecting a gorgeous sunset to the West. Meanwhile the moon rises above in the East. One never gets tired of the sights and sounds of the natural landscapes found in Vermont.  Mount Mansfield as seen from our back porch. The trail head to the summit is only 20 minutes drive away.  Jericho VT. February 2022

Speaking Engagements -
Tri-City Covenant Church

A truly amazing church, the Tri-City Covenant fellowship had their annual Missions Conference, a multi-day celebration of world-missions. I and others were asked to represent Wycliffe Bible Translators at this weekend event. They have a very different order of service on Sundays, which I found quite refreshing, and above the sanctuary area is the church orchestra with musicians of ALL ages participating, regardless of skill level. They sounded excellent to my ears. The Tri-City Christian Academy, preparing young minds for college, is right next door. Latin studies, anyone? <grin>  Somerworth, NH.  February 2022

Lisa Gathers Some Flowers -

Helen and I traveled the world in two directions and then converged in Germany, where we visit my sister. Lisa lives and works in Kandern, and during the Spring, there are farms/estates with fresh road side flowers growing, for sale. Travelers can stop by, pick as many flowers as they want, and then deposit a sale price in cash with no one around to supervise. Everything is based on an honor system and community trust runs very high.  Kandern, Germany.  March 2022

Winter Delights -
Fresh Snow on Wreaths

Our Christmas wreath with lights hung around long enough for a blanket of fresh snow. Having lived near the equator for so long, it's always fun to take in the new sights and sounds of the seasons, here in Vermont. Even on the highest mountains in Papua New Guinea there was never any snow accumulation. Time to shoosh down a mountain on this stuff.  Our house, Jericho VT.  January 2022

Church Dedications -
Blessing the Children

Friends and family members gather in the midst of the Pandemic, for a children's dedication service. The wonderful and youngest members that God has given to us are brought before the Lord in prayer, and also a promise is given by our community to watch for their care and spiritual nurturing for the future. By God's Grace He seems to have given us a wonderful youth ministry, which continually bears much fruit into adulthood. For example, one of our teen "graduates" is in Nepal, with YWAM.  Sunday JCC Church service, Jericho Center, VT.  January 2022

Churches Unite -
Vermont Right to Life

On an especially frigid but sunny day, various churches from around the state converged on the Montpelier Capitol Building for a very peaceful demonstration. In warmer weather, there are more speeches and often a guest speaker, where the (heated) Representatives Hall (House of Representatives) is available to use indoors by the public. However in this case, Covid-19 had closed off the building from everyone, legislators included. Vermont has one of the most liberal abortion rights laws in the country, far exceeding the "normal" restraints of say, the European Union at this time.  Capitol District, Montpelier, VT.  January 2022