World Stories - Videos (shorts)

A collection of stories related to Bible Translation, illustrating the great work of God in our midst and around the world.  An opportunity to peek in the lives of some of good friends and coworkers around the world.

The Ripple Effects of Bible Translation

Have you ever wondered how far the benefits of Bible
translation extend? What are the ripple effects of Bible Translation. This video short shows that when people learn to read and write their own language they can: communicate in new ways, access technology, have increased work op-portunities, learn their legal rights, women and girls are empowered, parents can read medical information, and children receive better access to education.  (2:08 min.)
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Training Local Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea

Over the years we have seen how the local PNG church is ready and eager to jump into the Bible Translation Task for themselves.  But they often need training along the way.  The SIL group in PNG offers regional training courses throughout the land, and we find that PNGans learn well in a group setting with their peers available for mutual encouragement.  (2:04 min.)  < Click Here - New Tab >

Your Love Will Surely Find Us

Filmmaker Mark Trostle (who once lived in PNG) shares scenes of the work and need for Bible translation — particularly in the South Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea.  Special thanks to band NEEDTOBREATHE and their song: Multiplied.  (4:18 min.)  < Click Here - New Tab >

The Keliko New Testament

Decades of civil unrest has forced many of the Keliko people to relocate from their home in South Sudan to refugee settlements in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda. Despite these hardships, the Keliko continue to persevere with joy, and many are passionately supportive of Bible translation. In 1985, the Keliko church leaders made plans.  (9:44 min.)  < Click Here - New Tab >

Fully Human - Folopa Story

One of our favorite videos from Wycliffe Canada.  Did you know the Bible actually elevates the status of women, particularly in Third-Word contexts?  Here's the profound impact for the Folopa People, when they encountered the Scriptures, as told by translator Neil Anderson.  (2:35 min.)
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Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

Ever wonder about the people of Easter Island, that enigmatic place with the giant stone head figures all over the island?  The New Testament is there now.  (2:18 min.)
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Beauty From Ashes

We had the pleasure of actually working with Beth Fuller, back in Papua New Guinea.  Here she shares a wonderful lesson from her service to the Lord.  God can take ashes and make something beautiful out of them.  (2:37 minutes)
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