Brian and Helen in Vermont

Brian and Helen recently moved to Vermont. We are now serving the entire world as consultants with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

American Sign Language Bible - November '21

Now, after years of dedicated work, Deaf Americans can experience all of God’s Word in a language and format they clearly under-stand.  This historic accomplishment was celebrated with a gathering of Deaf believers in Nebraska on Sept. 11, 2021 as part of a Deaf Missions conference. Join the jubilee and discover how the ASLV is already transforming lives in the Deaf community.


Celebrate the ASLV Bible

Language Development? What? - October '21

Some people take language development for granted, but not everyone.  The Buli People in Ghana struggled to get the attention of their government for educational assistance because their language didn't even have a dictionary.  With a dictionary now your language has prestige.  So how do people even start down this process?  Let's see what the Rapid Word Collection Method is all about.

The Buli Experience

Starlink and Bible Translation - September '21


Learn about promising experiments with Space-X's  new Starlink communications technology which can augment Bible Translation.  Christians in their country can gain access to a wealth of Paratext Bible Resources and directly communicate with translation consultants found anywhere in the world.  Many parts of the world have no Internet access at all, regardless of the cost. This barrier is about to fall in far away places.

Reaching for the Stars

Exotic Travels Refresh Souls - August '21

Getting God’s Word to the nations does have its perks!  If you can't join us, then enjoy this brief helicopter trip from Nubogeta village to Vivigani airstrip near Goodenough Island, Papua New Guinea.  Bible translation projects often necessitate travel by air, as there are no interconnecting roads, and not even regular maritime transportation.  But the views are spectacular.  Pilot: Gavin Jones


Trip to Vivigani Airstrip

Engaging with Translated Scriptures - July '21

God’s Word changes our lives when we engage with it. That’s why Scripture engagement is such a critical part of the Bible translation process — translation teams get to help local speakers dig into their newly-translated Scriptures.  The Ambonese Malay Bible translation team in Indonesia is excited about engaging the local community with Scripture. It's all part of having access to the Word of God - hearing His voice.

Scripture Engagement

Shine: The Gospel in Baka - June '21

The Gospel comes to the youngest nation on earth.  The translators in one region endured many hardships including displacement and civil war, but persevered after 30 years.  The Lord protected and led the way.  Celebrate with us on the completion of the Baka language New Testament.

Shine - The Baka Story

Ministry to Deaf Communities - May '21

Wycliffe ministries extend to deaf communities around the world and in various ways.  This very cool video is about the Woman Caught in Adultery account found in John 8:1-11.  Even those of us who can "hear"  should take this in.  It's amazing what these actors have done.

Uncondemned   by Deaf Ministries

Easter Celebrations Around the World - April '21

Does the church around the world celebrate Easter the same way as in the Americas?  Definitely not.  Jump to this Blog article to read about the many church traditions surrounding Easter celebrations in the far corners of our world.  It's the same Christ Who has risen!


How the World Celebrates

How Many Languages Are There? - March 2021

If you wanted to know the latest count of languages in the world, where would you go?  Why SIL's Ethnologue of course.  But actually counting the number of languages is extremely difficult, if not impossible.  This brief linguistic video explains the difficult realities in pin-pointing an exact number, and why it changes.


The Complexity of Language

Japanese Sign Language Project - February 2021

Did you know that Wycliffe has significant work in the world's sign-languages as well.  Join the Japanese signing team, as they attempt to translate the entire Bible into one of the smallest of minority groups inside of Japan.


Every Sign Points to God

God's Word to Their Hearts - Kenya - Jan. 2021

Reverend Peter Munguti of Bible Translation & Literacy of East Africa (BTL) said, “I am seeing God moving in a very marvelous and wonderful way. People are reading God’s Word. I can see great transformation in some of those communities.”  Touching the hearts of those in Kenya! 


God's Word to Their Hearts

Tigaak Village Recording for Video - Dec. 2020

Once upon a time we actually stayed on a remote island in Tigaak country.  This video shows a national team creating the audio segments for dubbing character voices in the Jesus Film.


Tigaak Recording Studio in the Village

The Dream of a Virus Free World - Nov. 2020

Join us with this incredibly moving video about what we all pray and hope happens in the very near  future.  This one reminds us of what we all long for.....


What We Dream About....

The Impact of Prayer, Indonesia - September 2020

Take a short trip to Indonesia and hear how the Indonesian Bible Society is partnering with some many organizations to advance the work of Bible Translation in their country.  Technology is part of the mix of solutions for Kingdom Work.


The Impact of Prayer

A Vast Crowd - August 2020

A short Wycliffe video about what it's all about:  God's Word transforming lives around the world.  Helen and I are blessed with membership with a world-wide, multi-national team, that helps (in our small ways) to make a world-wide impact.


A Vast Crowd

Why Google Can't Translate the Bible

We all know about Google Translate, and if you have used it recently, it's not too bad at translating a foreign web-site in a majority language, like Spanish, or Bulgarian, where you don't really know that language.  But behind the scenes are billions of tiny details collected by Google for that particular language:  It's lexical items, words, grammar, spelling, and idiomatic expressions. There are frankly millions of existing web-pages to do a language structural analysis.


But what happens with a minority language?  Like any of the ones you would encounter in Papua New Guinea?  There isn't a vast body of written text in that language to analyze.  In fact, beyond a few literacy primers, health books and a soon-to-be-completed New Testament, these works might be the only written text for the given language.  But there are other reasons this is difficult.  Consider these:   5 Reasons Why Google Can’t Translate the Bible


Helen continues in her role as a physician, offering services as a medical consultant.  She works on medical policies for Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL (our partner organization).    In normal times, she also returns to Papua New Guinea yearly  for training of medical practitioners and for consultations, mostly in the area of pediatrics.  (Pre-COVID


Brian has taken on a new Communications position under SIL's (our partner organization) Language Technology group.  Specialized software tools in Bible Translation and Literacy Work, need representation to various other non-profit organizations in the world.  Often these tools are freely available to all, yet many do not know about their existence.  He will also help with mobilization efforts to attract college age graduates by sharing the excellent opportunities to advance God's Kingdom through applied software technology in the computer sciences.


Meanwhile there is ample opportunity to serve our community in beloved Jericho Vermont, where we live.  And we are delighted to fully participate in our home church,  Jericho Congregational.  We presently co-labor with others on the JCC Missions committee serving 18 other mission organizations at this time.

Other News:

Nurse Megan Reed shares how she got involved with Wycliffe Bible Translators


Our beloved "Daughter" in the Lord.   Dr. Helen had the privilege of working along-side this beautiful lady at our Papua New Guinea clinic.  Today, she and a dozen others are trying to get back to PNG, but are stuck back in America due to COVID travel restrictions.  Pray for patience.


Here's Megan's delightful testimony of how she got involved in Bible Translation as a nurse.  < Video >   Please pray that Megan, like so many other young ones, could somehow return to the field at this difficult travel time. Often expensive flight arrangements are canceled and then canceled again.


If the Lord is somehow prompting you to consider supporting Megan further, then visit her blog-spot  <Megan and the Master, Purpose Asia>

We can assure you, that you will be blessed getting to know her.

Wycliffe Public Statistics for 2020-2021:

  • At least 1.5 billion people do not have the full Bible in their language.
  • At least 7,000 languages are spoken or signed around the world.
  • At least 2,000 languages still need a Bible translation started.
  • Work is being done in more than 2,700 languages worldwide
    and over 2,100 of these projects involve Wycliffe Global Alliance partners.

Number of languages waiting for Bible translation by regions of the world.

Americas: 119
Europe: 61
Asia: 839
Africa: 597
Pacific: 403
TOTAL = 2,014

Source: Wycliffe Global Alliance, October 2020.