Vermont Scenes 2022

A view from the Island Line Trail, walking north to South Hero Island.  Fall in Vermont is rife with colors and hikers are rewarded with some spectacular sights.  The Adirondack mountains are in the distance.  Causeway Park, Colchester, VT.

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Photos are licensed: CC-SA   Attrib: Brian Chapaitis

Local Scenes

Bicycle Restoration -
Indoor Activities

As the Pandemic forced everyone to isolate more, what better time than to get those "back-burner" projects done?  This classic 1985 vintage Univega bicycle was waiting in our storage over 35 years for someone to apply some tender-loving care and restore it to new life. (Kinda like Christ with us, correct?) My efforts paid off handsomely after re-taping the handlebars and stringing at least one new cable. Note the simplicity of the design back then. The continuous movement shift-levers are mounted on the front down tube. What could be simpler to repair?  Note the very exotic bicycle stand built into the workbench <grin>.  Our house, downstairs workshop, Jericho VT.  December 2020

A Visitor -
The House Snowman

Helen made a tiny snowman out on the back porch. This little buddy brought joy and cheer to us, as he grew in stature with each fresh snowfall, but alas, like all snow-persons, this one had to say good-bye in the end. If you can't think of fun things to do with snow in Vermont, you will go stir crazy in the wintertime. Some call it "cabin fever".  Our house, back porch area, Jericho VT.  January 2021