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Assorted Photo Galleries from our travels in Papua New Guinea and a few other Asian countries.  These photos are freely available under a Creative Commons, CC-SA license, with attribution "Brian Chapaitis", as presented from our old web-site, for now.  For enlarged images to view or download, look for a dynamic control (icon) to click in each gallery.   Note: Click on Photo below. New Tab in Browser created.


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Our last year in Papua New Guinea. Farewells to old church friends. Flowers and new babies. The excitement of Scriptures on mobile phones "in my language". Travel to Thailand and Greece. Port Moresby as seen from the air. More. (1600x1200)


A craft fair in the Highlands with wall mural. Travel scenes and remote village churches. Small, solar powered computers. A new oral Bible Translation technique with new technology. Papua New Guinea art forms. More events. (1600x1200)


A classic Madang Town scene: overloaded canoes returning from market and heading home to a nearby island. Solar work; CPR training activities; abundant flowers; neighborhood parties; special friends visit.  More. (1600x1200)


Family is a really big thing in PNG. So when some of our family members came by for a visit, a big feast was held in their honor in the village of Nafimpa.  One church friend has a new child.  What real gold looks like. Travel scenery and a PNG missionary send-off to Indonesia. More. (1600x1200)


When a primary road bridge collapsed, the Aiyura Valley and beyond were cut off from supply routes and access to Kainantu town services.  Although cars and trucks could not cross the river, enterprising locals created floating bamboo bridges for people to cross over the river. More. (1600x1200)


2014 saw a business trip to Thailand and bush travel into the interior of PNG.  Further solar panel research to find more affordable equipment for PNGan friends.  There was a fabulous New Testament dedication on Long Island, Madang. (1600x1200)


A year marked with continued tension between two clan lines at our nearby village and an attempted resolution.  Advances in new solar tech helped to realize the dream of more affordable power.  More national training activities. (1600x1200)


2012 was a busy year once we returned from our travels.  Helen taught many at the Aiyura clinic.  Brian taught/ trained others at a national training program to equip PNGans in the use of computer and solar technology. (1600x1200)


This was the year of great travels for us across the Pacific Region and S.E. Asia.  Pictures from PNG, New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, New Caledonia.  Whew! (1600x1200)


Tribal rivalries led to further decimation at the nearby village with considerable temporary housing uncertainties.  Wonderful business trips to Aitape West (tsunami site) and Madang provided a restful retreat from the tensions of the Aiyura valley. (1600x1200)


Life in the village was troubled this year with fierce tribal fighting between two major clans.  Several innocent ones were killed and about half the village torched to the ground.  The church stood in the gap, preaching peace without the usual cultural payback and retribution. But there were other bright moments, as you will see....  (1600x1200)


Our trip back to Papua New Guinea from furlough in the US. Then a business trip took Brian to Chiang Mai, Thailand.  There is quite a mix of photos and locations here, but we think you'll enjoy these PNG and Thailand photos.  On the way we stopped by to see our son, in Seattle, Washington.  (1024x768)


Our year in photos, but what a year! In the beginning we were working in PNG, then ran off to a quick furlough in the States, and along the way ended up in Kenya!  There is quite a mix of photos and locations here, and we think you'll enjoy Vermont and Washington State too. (1024x768)


Cool photos of the year as sent around the world on our weekly email list.  Themes include tribal dancing, HIV AIDS awarenes work, our 25th Anniversary in New Zealand (all right so it's not exactly PNG, but it was still fun!).  Return link is at the top of the album. (640x480)


Scenes of the fabulous Daga New Testament celebrations, distant friends over for a vist, our trip to Tawali Dive Resort near Alotau, sailboarding on Lake Yonki, working at the Pacific Orientation Course (new workers coming), and village life.  Return link is at the top of the album. (640x480)